Chemo & Targeted Therapy


Before starting treatment, your oncologist and specialist nurses will explain what you need to know. You will be offered a pre-chemotherapy assessment appointment to see one of the specialist doctors within the team to discuss your treatment plan. During this assessment, your doctor will explain the treatment duration, what to expect during your treatment, the main side effects of chemotherapy and offer advice on how to deal with those aspects of your treatment. You will also be informed of the supportive services available to you during and after your treatment.

You will be given information leaflets on the more common side-effects that patients experience along with some advice about what actions you can take to help yourself.

Our chemotherapy treatment area is composed of seven highly equipped rooms.

Patients’ privacy is extremely respected in Cairo Cure. All treatment rooms are single, with private bathrooms, air conditioning, television as well as a telephone. Our highly trained staff of physicians and nurses are always available to monitor therapy, answer all questions and complaints.

Our patients receive chemotherapy programs in our rooms when the duration doesn’t exceed eight hours. Patients receiving chemotherapy for longer duration are referred to our inpatient service.


Occasional patients may need to have their treatment as a continuous infusion for a long period of time. In Cairo Cure, we are proud to be the first to adopt this therapy via small portable pumps which are provided for the patients allowing them to receive the treatment at home without being hospitalised.

In some cases, patients need to receive a type of therapy called “Target Therapy” which may be given either alone or in addition to chemotherapy. This type of drugs only affect tumour cells and spare normal ones.