Pain Management

Pain Management

Pain, whether psychological or physical, is one of the most common symptoms in cancer patients and often has a negative impact on patients and their families, functional status and quality of life. We treat patients according to evidence-based, up-to-date, and practical information on the management of cancer pain.

A wide variety of pain management techniques available nowadays, patients with cancer should be comforted with maximally achievable pain control and not live in fear of inadequately treated pain. As the survival of patients with cancer becomes longer.

Our service include

1. Prescription medications

2. Implanted pain pumps

3. Nerve block therapies

4. Physical therapy

Our Approach


At Cairo Cure, pain control is individualised for every patient. We consider the knowledge of the cancer type, the drugs available on the market, the patients’ metabolism, drug tolerances, and even the patient’s genetic morphology.

We provide proper education about treatment, including medication administration, expected side effects and associated treatments, and when patients can expect improvement.

If opioids are considered, opioid phobia and the risks of opioid use and misuse should be addressed. The patient is monitored longitudinally with return visits to titrate/adjust treatments. The risks and benefits of opioid use are evaluated regularly.